Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

A beautiful beginning!

It is truly an honour to be part of Mary Kay, Inc.

Mary Kay Ash founded her Company on the Golden Rule and emphasized the importance of giving back to others. It is part of the Mary Kay heritage, and it is an honor to continue Mary Kay Ash’s legacy of making a difference.

I was not a diligent girl when it comes to skin care regime. I was not a makeup girl. I was looking for something new, fun and adventurous to do. Mary Kay's core values attract my attention. The more I find out about this company, the more I love Mary Kay!

I didn't have any great plans; but I can say without a doubt that being part of Mary Kay has changed my life and this is what I will always do.

"The definition of a successful person is simply an ordinary person with extraordinary determination. You cannot keep a determined person from success. If you place stumbling blocks in her way. She will take them for stepping-stones and will use them to climb to new heights. The one who succeeds has a goal, a dream, and makes her plans and follows them." ~ Mary Kay Ash

Products You Can Trust. A Company You Can Believe In. 



Be beautiful today! 


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